Is this Australia-first ‘health-optimized’ co-working space in Fremantle a sign of things to come?

In a true sign of the times, desks are popping up in co-working spaces all over Perth, offering flexibility and freedom of movement unprecedented in decades when a beige cubicle desk under a flickering fluorescent light was the norm.

Today, people are excited about working in these collaborative environments, parking their laptops on desks with expansive views, open kitchens, on-site baristas swinging coffee, and other perks.

But a new co-working environment on Fremantle’s High Street has taken this one step further, forging an Australian first with Earthed, where your health and wellness are the top priority.


And the couple behind it, husband and wife Emma and Heath Daly, certainly know a thing or two about it, with their other businesses Mother, a sustainable plant-based restaurant, and Zero Store, an eco-lifestyle store, located in the same event venue.

“Earthed is the first healthy co-working space in Perth that isn’t just optimized for 9 to 5,” says Emma.

“We spend an average of eight hours a day in our work environment, but often, we don’t think about our environment. Does it support our health, or does it worsen our health?


Camera icon The health-optimized co-working space in Fremantle has launched in the same space as Mother and Zero Store on the High Street. Credit: Ridhwaan Moola

“So we went out and tried to find everything we could to support a healthy work environment – ​​everything from EMF mitigation for both the location and individual at the table, we have earth mats that connect you to earth and blue light blocking glasses for your eyes we have an abundance of natural plants in the space for the air purification that creates and the natural light that comes into this beautiful space.”

In this holistic “office” with high ceilings and soothing, muted tones, hot desks can also expect comfortable cabin-style seating with standing desk options, anti-fatigue mats for their legs, and filtered water from the tap.

Of course, there’s also super-fast WiFi, barista-made organic coffee, elixirs, and alpha waves in the background, scientifically proven to put you in the optimal state for concentration.

Extras include a private meeting room, lounge area, and even an upstairs yoga studio if you fancy an after-work vinyasa class with YogaLab.

Heath describes Earthed as “designed” to create the best flow state possible — that sense of fluidity between mind and body where you can focus deeply on something, which most call “in the zone.”

“What we’re doing here is we’re checking the environment to make it as healthy as possible, so when you come home after those eight hours of work, you feel refreshed,” he said.

Camera IconThe grounded co-working space optimized for health. Credit: Ridhwaan Moola Ridhwaan Moolla

“I remember working in a pharmacy, and I loved the work, I loved the people there, but I came home, and the environment had drained me.

“It’s not just coming in, doing your job, and leaving. We are creating a hub here so you can be with like-minded people.”

“Co-working spaces are special because they provide the human element you don’t get when working independently,” Emma adds.

“They attract all kinds of people; they attract freelancers and entrepreneurs and people who work from home, remotely, or do so part-time.”

Desks at Earthed are available on a casual, flexible basis through a day pass. Alternatively, monthly rolling memberships are available in part-time or full-time options with the added benefit of community discounts for services such as floats, massages, infrared sauna sessions, and networking event tickets.

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