Girrawheen Senior High School Launches Elite Sports Program

This year, Girrawheen Senior High School launched its new Elite Sports Program in partnership with Curtin University Athletics Club to use sports as a foundation for enhancing all areas of learning.

The program develops students’ competitive spirit and passion for self-improvement by focusing on three pillars: fitness and training, growth mindset, and personal best.

To participate in the program, students do not need to be the highest performing athlete; they need to have a passion for sport and a drive to improve their registered benchmarks.

Tracking personal academic achievement is embedded in the program, giving students ambition for high growth and achievement.

The idea for the program was developed by former Girrawheen Senior High School physical education teacher, now Principal Barbara Newton, after she saw many students achieve success when involved in sports.

Physical education teacher Adam Clarke worked with Ms. Newton on development and is a program manager specializing in developing skills and playing basketball.

The program includes weekly hands-on sessions for school in athletics and basketball and coaching athletics by Curtin University Athletics Club to teach science-based techniques to improve athletic performance and fitness.

Students track their personal growth and achievements daily in areas such as attendance, effort, academic performance, improvement, and personal bests achieved in practical sessions.

A Girrahween Senior High School graduate, Olympic basketball player, and program sponsor Duop Reath is a source of motivation and valuable advice for program members.

Camera Icon Olympic basketball player, program patron, and Girrawheen Senior High School alumni Duop Reath with students. Credit: Delivered

He learned the basics of basketball in school from Mr. Clarke before winning a scholarship to study and play college basketball in America.

He won an Olympic bronze medal by playing with the Boomers at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and currently plays for the Illawarra Hawks.

Ms. Newton said a new wave of motivated students could be seen despite the program being in the early stages of rollout.

“The healthy competition among those in the program to earn daily points has translated into improvements in attendance,” she said.

“Practical sessions before school followed by breakfast result in a group of energetic students with greater concentration during the day.”

The program’s launch coincides with work that will soon begin upgrading a million-dollar school oval, including leveling, reticulation, and new turf to create a 400-meter track and exciting physical education opportunities for all. To offer children.

Applications for the 2023 Elite Sports program are now open.

The 7th-grade high school entry in 2023 can apply through their enrollment application. Interested 6th graders can familiarize themselves with the program and high school through an eight-week Pre-Elite Sports Program runsemesterrun semester information on how to apply, visit the website, or call 9247 0555.

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