WAFL 2022: East Fremantle looks forward to derby day delight over South Fremantle to continue winning

The balance of power in the port city could shift on Monday as East Fremantle heads to South Fremantle for one of the most anticipated derbies in years.

2014 was the last time the Sharks finished ahead of the Bulldogs on the WAFL ladder, with South Fremantle enjoying bragging rights in the city

But East Fremantle was the competition’s surprise package, winning five in a row to top the ladder after six laps.

With South Fremantle behind them with two wins and fifth on the ladder, success in their annual WA Day clash could prove crucial at the end of the season, and Sharks forward Alex Montauban said he has an intense, expected, tight match.

“There’s always a bit of emphasis on this Monday derby, but I think this might be one of the most anticipated in recent years,” he said.

East Fremantle

“We have started to improve this year, and given the strength of South Fremantle over the years, it should be a very good match.”

Camera IconMason Shaw (SFFC) and Alex Montauban (EFFC) Fremantle Derby occur on WA Day Andrew Ritchie Credit: Andrew Ritchie/The West Australian.

Bulldogs captain Mason Shaw called the annual WA Day clash one of the biggest games on the calendar, and he couldn’t wait to experience the heightened derby atmosphere.

“I think it’s a good day for everyone, especially on a Monday, to come and watch the game, and hopefully, we can generate a pretty good crowd,” he said.

“It’s very exciting to play against this East Fremantle team; they’re doing well this yea; it will be challenging.”

With nine goals from his first five games, Montauban was one of several minor Sharks forwards who has thrived this season and said there was confidence that their form could be maintained.

“Last year, we built on the foundations in our team and structures, and this year, we’ve started to put a little more emphasis on that ball movement and to move the ball with some pace,” he said.

Camera IconMason Shaw (SFFC) and Alex Montauban (EFFC) Fremantle Derby occur on WA Day Andrew Ritchie Credit: Andrew Ritchie.

“We realize there is a big challenge, and once we think we have this in the bag that comes into play, it will never happen, and the Bulldogs will throw it at us as they have in previous derbies.”

With three wins and three losses this season, Shaw said his side was looking for some consistency and hoped the derby would be just the tonic they needed.

“It’s a cliché to do it weekly, but we’re just trying to improve every week. We’ve been up and down, so we’re trying to find some consistency and set a few things straight in our game in the future,” he said.

“Every team has faced challenges with players in and out. Some teams have probably handled that a little better than us now.”

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