WA Liberal Leader David Honey Joins Federal Election Post Morem

The WA Liberal leader, likely the last Liberal in the western suburbs, has weighed in on the party’s disastrous federal election results.

The Liberals suffered a devastating federal-level result in WA on Saturday, losing four metropolitan seats to Labor and almost certainly Curtin’s seat to independent Kate Chaney.

The shelling followed the crushing defeat of the State Party last year when only two MPs remained in the State Parliament.


Before the last state election, the Liberals had the entire state territory in the Curtin constituency, including Nedlands, Churchlands, Carine, and Scarborough.

Federal Election

All four went to Labour, with the seat of WA Liberal leader Dr. David Honey in Cottesloe the only one to stay blue.

Dr. Honey told PerthNow that he agreed with the party’s state president, Richard Wilson, who, along with other senior WA liberals, called for change.

“It is very disappointing that it seems likely that the Liberal Party has lost Celia Hammond, a strong, moderate female representative for Curtin. I congratulate Kate Chaney on her strong campaign as an independent for Curtin,” he said.

Dr. Honey acknowledged that the decision to support Clive Palmer’s effort to tear down the hard border was a “major factor”.

“There were also concerns that our party did not represent women or their values, especially in how the federal party handled inappropriate behavior towards women,” he said.

“Voters are looking for a change in the party, be it in policy or how women are treated within the party.”

The Liberal leader said the party had “a tremendous amount of work” in the run-up to the 2025 state elections, including addressing issues in the pre-selection process.

“We need to ensure that more excellent women are pre-selected for places to be won. A series of other reforms stemming from our review of the state elections have already been implemented,” said Dr. honey.

“I know from the work I do as WA Liberal leader that the Liberal Party has a strong appeal in both urban and regional areas.

“The party in WA does not have the factional divides between conservatives and progressives that are evident on the East Coast. Historically, party divisions in WA have been based on personalities, not beliefs.”

Dr. Honey declined to speculate about the party’s future if Peter Dutton became federal opposition leader amid claims by the prime minister that Mr. Dutton is “an extremist” and “not so smart”.

The Cottesloe MP said he believed the state party would be judged on the quality of its candidates and policies in the next state elections.

“The federal party will conduct an election review, and the outcome will determine how it will respond to the loss,” said Dr. honey.

“Whoever the federal leader is, the party must recognize the reasons for this loss and make the required changes.”

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