Lotto: Six more WA winners, with tickets worth more than $300,000 each sold from across the state

In Saturday’s Lotto draw, six West Aussies won a $5 million piece, adding to the boom in WA’s lottery winners.

According to a Lotterywest press release, the lucky six Division One tickets have been sold in several places.

“The winning tickets were sold through Yokine, Spearwood, Wanneroo, Collie, and online and are worth $319,939 each,” the press release said.

One of the winners “is already on his way to Lotterywest headquarters to claim their prize”.

More than a dozen West Aussies have a reason to celebrate, too, with thirteen Division Two tickets winning an $88,000 share for their owners.

Impulse purchases paid off for a Wanneroo couple who spontaneously bought a ticket in the draw.

“I couldn’t sleep last night; I was going up and down like a yo-yo,” said the retired couple.

“This year, we celebrate our wedding anniversary and birthdays in style.”

Reuben’s News owner Paul Reuben, a local Collie, has owned the store for over fifty years. However, he sold one of the six winning tickets – this was not the first time he had sold a top prize.

“Someone could be sitting on a winning ticket and not even know it,” said Mr. Reuben.

“We hope the winner is one of our regular customers, but whoever it is, we wish them the best of luck.”

In late May, two unknown lotto players from NSW and Victoria each won $40 million of the $80 million Powerball prize pool.

However, WA has also racked up its fair share of big wins in 2022, with 33 Division One winners this year. A series of ‘rags to riches’ style lotto stories result from the ‘lotto luck’ the state has witnessed.

Recently, City News Kalgoorlie, Kevin, and Tania Parkes’s hardworking owners bought into a local lotto syndicate and won a share of $63 million.

The couple worked for over 30 years, won a share of the prize money, and s  old the winning ticket for $63 million.

According to PerthNow, Mr. and Mrs. Parkes recently purchased a $3.2 million property with four bathrooms, five bedrooms, a spa, a pool, and a footy oval.

Camera icon Kalgoorlie Lotto winners Kevin and Tania Parkes have donated their money to a beautiful home in Banjup. Credit:

“We are following our children, and this will be our new dream home in Banjup, Perth, where we will be retiring in January next year,” the winners said.

“We have sold the store to a wonderful local family and will be training them for the next seven months when they take over in January.

“After working more than 100 hours a week for the past 30 years with a total of about 20 days off, it is finally paying off.

“I can’t wait to see what this new chapter brings to our lives.”

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