Jackson Donovan: GoFundMe page created for family of six-year-old killed in Rockingham crash

The family and friends of six-year-old Jackson Donovan, who tragically died in a horror crash in Rockingham on Friday, have created a GoFundMe page to support the devastated parents during this “unfathomable time.”

The primary school student’s mother, Klara Donovan, had just picked up her son, the “most hilarious, smart, sweet kid,” with his younger sister Rosie when the tragedy unfolded in East Rockingham on Friday afternoon.

The family was caught up in a four-vehicle traffic jam when a 64-year-old driver – believed to have had a medical episode – ran into the family’s black Kia from behind and slammed them into the back of a Transperth bus.

Another vehicle subsequently ended up in the wreckage.

The crash was so serious that the six-year-old was flown to Perth Children’s Hospital.

After two grueling days, little Jackson lost his battle for life after his parents decided to turn off his life support on Sunday.

A family friend has set up a fundraiser for the grieving couple to cover the boy’s funeral expenses and the “loss of work” due to the crash.

“The Donovans have been approached by so many incredibly generous people who want to give them a gift in this time of need, so we created this GoFundMe,” the friend wrote.

“Thank you so much in advance from a very grateful family.”

Camera icon The six-year-old boy who was seriously injured in a horror crash in Rockingham on Friday has tragically lost his fight for life. Credit: 7NEWS/delivered

Hundreds of loved ones, friends, and strangers have donated, and the fundraiser goal was raised from $40,000 to $50,000 because those who donated were “insanely out of control generous.”

By 9:00 am, more than $28,000 had been raised.

Many people have commented on expressing their grief and sorrow over the loss of Jackson, saying that the six-year-old was a “beautiful boy” and “beautiful big brother.”

“Rest in peace, beautiful Jackson. You and your family are loved by so many,” wrote a friend.

Camera icon Klara Donovan shared this heartbreaking photo of her son after speaking out about her immense grief. Credit: Klara Donovan/Facebook

Jackson Donovan

In a heartbreaking post on Facebook yesterday, Ms. Donovan expressed her sadness by saying that “everything went white” at the time of the crash.

“I was so confused until I realized we had just been hit hard, and all the airbags around me had deployed,” said Ms. Donovan.

“We were pushed into traffic and hit one or two more times, causing the car to spin.”

Mr. Donovan talked about the moment she knew she had lost her son.

Camera Icon ONLINE OFF UNTIL AFTER 6 pm Gen Rockingham Bus Crash 7NEWS Credit: 7NEWS/delivered

“Rosie started screaming,” she said. “Jackson was quiet, and I was honestly so confused why he didn’t answer until I saw him.”

“Chris and I can’t accept that everything just stopped,” Ms. Donovan’s heartbreaking message continued.

“His love of video games…he loved reading Dr. Seuss books to us. His happy little friendships. His great love for his sisters… His Paw Patrol onesie. Chicken wrap happy meal with frozen Coke.”

Mrs. Donovan said she would miss her son, who sneaks into her bed at night.

“He had just won a few uno cards at school and loved learning the game and teaching Everley so he would always have someone to play with him,” she said. “And he was excited about the new Bluey episodes starting this week.”

The family said they were “incomprehensibly devastated” after losing their boy – the most “hilarious, smart, sweet boy”.

Prime Minister Mark McGowan said everyone thought of the family during the “terribly sad situation”.

“We wish them well; it’s very distressing,” he said.

Mr. McGowan thanked the first paramedics who arrived within four minutes amid the ambulance disaster.

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