How To Delete Notifications On Vivint App?

How do you delete activity on the Vivint app?

Follow these steps to delete activity in the Vivint app:
Open the Vivint app and log in.
From the main menu, click Account and then Activity.
On the Activity page, select the activity you want to delete.
Click the red Delete button next to the action.
Confirm your deletion by clicking OK.

How do I change my Vivint notifications?

To change your Vivint notifications, open the Vivint app and select Settings. Here you can customize your notification settings for both email and text messages.

How do I delete Vivint images?

There are a few ways to delete Vivint’s images. You can use the Vivint app or website for this. The app has a “delete” button on every video, while the website has an “edit” button in the bottom right corner.

Does Vivint send text messages?

Vivint does not currently send text messages. Vivint began phasing out text messaging in early 2017 in favor of other communication methods, such as voice and email.

How do I remove recent security activity?

There are a few ways to remove recent security activity. You can use the Windows Security Center, the command line, or PowerShell.
To use the Windows Security Center, open the Windows Security Center and select ‘Security Settings’. In the left pane, select “Windows Update.” In the right pane, under “Updates from Microsoft,” like “Windows Update History.” Under “Recently Updated,” choose the updates you want to remove.

How long does Vivint keep recordings?

Vivint generally keeps recordings for three years.

Vivint App

Is there a panic button on the Vivint app?

There is no panic button on the Vivint app.

How do I mute my Vivint panel?

To mute your Vivint panel, you need to open the settings on your device and set the “Alarm Silent” setting to “Off”.

How do I change the doorbell sound on my Vivint app?

Follow these steps to change the doorbell sound on your Vivint app:
1. Select ‘Settings’ from the main menu.
2. Under ‘Home Security & Services’, select ‘Doorbells’.
3. On the “Doorbells” page, select the bell you want to use and click the “Change Sound” button.

Can you find deleted videos on Vivint?

Unfortunately, Vivint has no way to recover deleted videos.

Do Vivint cameras record without WiFi?

Vivint cameras do not require a WiFi connection to record images.

Where are my Vivint clips kept?

Vivint’s clips are stored in the Vivint Smart Home Cloud.

Does Vivint listen to you?

Vivint listens to its customers and takes their feedback seriously. Vivint has several features that allow you to customize your home security experience.

Can someone hack my Vivint?

Vivint is a well-known home security company. However, there is no evidence that anyone could hack into Vivint’s systems.

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