Federal Election: Campaign to Extend Lukin Drive East to Wanneroo Road Increases

Pearce candidates Tracey Roberts and Linda Aitken are being called upon in the federal election to show financial support for a campaign to extend Lukin Drive eastwards to Wanneroo Road as part of the Mitchell Freeway expansion works after both previously had verbal support datum.

North Wanneroo Residents Association president Mark Zagar said that while the two candidates — the Wanneroo mayor and the North-East district councilor — had “talked extensively” in favor of the campaign at a recent council meeting, they both had no financial promises yet.

Lukin Drive currently runs between Marmion Avenue to the west and suburban streets in Butler to the east, with plans to extend it to the Mitchell Freeway once constructed.

However, the local community again calls for the road to continue east for another 800m to connect to Wanneroo Road, which has been under re-try since 2019.


Business owners, horticulturists, and residents have stepped up their campaign in the run-up to federal elections on May 21, including a rally last week.

Federal Election

While Ms. Roberts of Labor would not appeal if an elected Labor government awarded funds for the expansion of Lukin Drive or if she lobbied for funds for the project, she said she was “committed to listening to the needs of our growing suburbs”.

“If I have the privilege of being elected, I will advocate for the projects our community needs and deserves,” said Ms. Roberts.

Mrs. Aitken did not respond.

Mr. Zagar said the community requested just 800m of the road to connect to the existing Nowergup/Wesco Road and create a 15km east-west link between Old Yanchep Road and Marmion Avenue.

“This would then become the main east-west link in the area, with Hester Avenue stopping at Wanneroo Road and Romeo Road going just 1km to the east,” he told PerthNow.

“Perth’s Northern Corridor is the fastest growing region in Australia. Connectivity is much needed for employment and economic growth.”

Mr. Zagar said the “very low cost” expansion would bring “major economic, social and environmental benefits to the entire region”, including improving accessibility and increasing local employment and tourism opportunities.

“The city of Wanneroo promotes itself as the ‘Perth food scale’, but not having access increases travel costs and time for delivery, increasing the cost of groceries, which is then passed on to consumers,” he said.

“It also increases the cost and delivery time of construction and building materials from the limestone quarries, an industry also under pressure.

“Costs are increasing for workers to go to work, and family time is decreasing.

“All of thisgreatly impactsn the rising cost of living. Extending Lukin Drive would save thousands of person-hours, fuel dollars, and emissions.”

Mr. Zagar also raised safety issues, suggesting that the link would “stop congestion and heavy trucks on Wanneroo Road, ” help firefighters by reducing travel time, providing more options to reroute traffic, and increasing response times. Shorten for emergencies.

“We have been the founding families of Wanneroo since the 1950s, working extremely hard, employing many, and investing everything we have,” he said. “We deserve honesty and support from the government.”

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