Dining out restaurant review: Gage Roads mega brewery’s menu makes iconic beer brand proud

On a hot summer’s day, two young women fresh out of the ocean stroll along the footpath in Cottesloe with big smiles, a towel over one arm, and a box of Single Fin under the other.

While this sounds like a typical Australian beer commercial, it was exactly what I saw when I drove to Marine Terrace a few months ago.

Despite not drinking beer, I could name Gage Roads’ array of brews, and just like listing the colors of a country’s flag, I could also tell you the colors in the surf.

Camera iconGage Roads, Fremantle. Credit: Delivered/TheWest

So big and iconic the brand has become in WA that it’s hard to miss them in your local bottle shop, on billboards, or just on the street.

The hospitality venture’s flagship project was certainly ambitious – transforming the 100m historic A Shed on Victoria Quay into a brewpub worth up to $10 million – but since opening in January, it has proved a winner, with packed tables inside and out. Outside, and occasionally line outside.

Camera IconThe open kitchen of Gage Roads. Credit: Delivered/TheWest

Dining with friends with a ten-month-old in tow over the weekend, we needed a kid-friendly venue for the adults to enjoy.

Gage Roads did well for countless other families (and a few furry friends) and us enjoying a meal. Tables are ample and dotted around the huge venue, not to mention an excellent playground with plenty of room for parents to sit and sip while watching their little rascals.

Dining out restaurant

The menu is the big and cozy lineup you would expect from a mega brewery, with party starters, beer in one hand, taco in the other, pizza, big stocks, making friends with salad, and dishes for transit tulle.

Camera IconSnapper crudo with kiwi, herbal oil, orange, tangerine, and sour cream ($20). Credit: Jade Jurewicz

The seafood dishes we ordered were the clear highlights of the day.

The Snapper Crudo with Kiwi, Herb Oil, Orange, Mandarin, and Sour Cream ($20) is the kind of dish you’d be delighted to have at a trendy wine bar, a harmony of flavors with the fresh fish complemented by notes of sweet and tart fruit.

Abrolhos octopus with harissa butter, pickled green chili salsa, and cucumber ($34) was perfectly cooked occy sitting on a bed of tasty salsa, a rich dish of the day by the group.

Camera Icon Harvey Beef Loin with Green Pepper Sauce, Braised Mushrooms, and Small French Fries ($39). Credit: Jade Jurewicz

Catering to what people crave with a brew, the Harvey beef sirloin steak with green pepper sauce and stewed mushrooms ($39) and grilled Mount Barker chicken with lemon cream and fennel salad ($32) both came with a decent portion of fries.

Camera IconGrilled Mount Barker Chicken with Lemon Cream, Spicy Chips, and Fennel Salad ($32). Credit: Jade Jurewicz

There’s a lot to love about this venue, whether you have kids who don’t want to sit still or want to sit outside with an iconic beer (or a decent selection of local wines) and watch the world go by.

Gage Roads

Address: Peter Hughes Dr, Fremantle

The verdict: Huge venue with a large crowd menu with lots of local produce to enjoy. Perfect for families or dog owners with plenty of space and a great outdoor play area.

Rating: 7.5/10

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